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A detailed survey more suited to properties built after 1930 but small unextended or unaltered properties of older vintage may be suitable. I will carry out the same depth of inspection as for a Building Survey but the report will follow an RICS report format with a traffic light system indicating urgency of repairs to each element. Any significant defects will be highlighted, however, minor issues which may be included in a Building Survey will be omitted Photos are not included, nor is a valuation unless specifically requested.

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Which Type of House Survey in the UK Is Suitable for My Property?

Your home is an expensive and long-term investment of your life.  As property owners, you must know the actual condition of your home before selling or renting it out.  Consult Nick, Cobb for a detailed, accurate and reliable house and residential property inspection.

If you’re a prospective homebuyer, getting a professional building survey done can help you determine the hidden and often elusive structural problems. However, it’s not that easy, and you must select the type of house survey in the UK.

Level 1: Home Condition Report

A basic homebuyers report that does not cost you much.  It lists out risks and potential defects that need immediate repairs. It does not include any advice and property valuation. Recommended for new and other standard properties.

Estimated Cost: £400-£900

Estimated Time: 45 to 60 min

Level 2: RICS Home Buyer Report

A detailed and popular house survey in the UK.  It lists out all the defects and advises on potential repairs and maintenance. Choose between only survey and survey plus valuation. Recommended for properties that are not too old or new. 

Estimated Cost: £450-£1,000

Estimated Time: 3-4 hrs.

Level 3: RICS Building Survey

A comprehensive survey detailing the building’s condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance. Recommended for long-established properties (50 or even more years) requiring major renovation.

Estimated Cost: £500-£1,500

Estimated Time: Depends on the property size

Whether a home seller or buyer, I can help you determine the worth of your property to strike a rewarding real estate deal. I conduct home surveys in the UK including the regions of Surrey, Berkshire, South Bucks, South Herts, North Hampshire and West London.

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